Realtime transcriptions simplified.

What is Aloft?

Aloft is a web application designed to deliver realtime transcriptions instantaneously and seamlessly through a sleek, lightweight, and easy-to-use platform.

Built on modern Node technologies, Aloft is OS agnostic and can deliver live transcriptions to any device with a connection running a browser, either running on a local instance or over the Internet.

Why Aloft?

Stenographer Engineered

Designed and programmed specifically for the realtime captioning use case in mind, Aloft was created and programmed by someone who truly understands the needs of the industry: A realtime stenocaptioner.

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Lightning Fast

Changes made to transcript are instantly pushed out to all clients. No time-based buffers, no sending flush commands, no nonsense.

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Missed that name? Not sure about a term that came up? Maybe somebody in the room knows. Make your realtime transcription collaborative and let your audience lend a hand in filling in speaker IDs for people you haven't met or fixing a term you weren't so sure of.

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Packages & Pricing

Tier 1: Individual
  • - Personal account on for yourself.
  • - Unlimited use for you only.
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Tier 2: Firm

  • - A copy of Aloft running on your own private server hosted on either Amazon AWS or DigitalOcean servers.
  • - Personalized domain name.

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